Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm still alive...

I'm sure you're all glad to know that!  (#sideeye) It has been hectic in the land of Haines and I've been a slacker with blogging. 

I started a part-time job at a salon two nights a week and all day Sunday in addition to my full-time job. Welcome to single-momhood! I absolutely love working there, time goes by super fast and I get some awesome discounts. Because let's face it, it takes A LOT to make me look normal! ;)

Working out has been sporadic at best.  Totally sucks sweaty balls.  I'm trying to go to the gym at lunch 3 days a week and work out at home the other 2 weekdays, but my full-time job has been CAH-RAZY! So, I made it there once during lunch in 2 weeks. UGH!


I've got my Dirty Girl Run with my girl Leah coming up on July 12th.  I just love the words Dirty Girl. It may or may not fit me. ;) I'm still considering the segway, but Leah said she won't let me. Chances are I'll be found in a mud pit somewhere on the course.

The kids are still alive too - at the moment.  You would think that an 8 1/2 year gap between the two would make them get along a little better...um no. Hell no. Miss Sassafras is an instigator, about 85% of the time. I've threatened to run away from home because the fighting makes me bat shit crazy. For real. Here's proof they're still breathing:

She loves taking selfies

Well, that's all the excitement that's been going on here. What's new and exciting with y'all?



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