Friday, May 30, 2014

Fitness Friday Link Up!

Kidding! Ok, if you know me, not really.  ;) I'm linking up with the gorgeous Aubrey at ALG, Uninterrupted for Fitness Fridays.  It's my first link up!

And if you read my post yesterday, you know this girl has 7 months until the alterations for my bridesmaid dress begin, and all the crying fun that comes with that!
Anyway, the last few months have been rather challenging with what I've been able to do regarding my workouts.  I have a herniated disc between L4 & L5 so I haven't been able to run. It blows. I enjoy running. Seriously, you read that right. It helps to clear my head, which is good, because at any given time the two remaining brain cells I have left are fighting and running helps keep them quiet.  :)
But this week my Orthopedic doctor released me and PT will too!

I have to start off rather slow, which means no half marathons in my near future...but here is my weekly fitness goal:
Monday: At night I take an RPM (spinning) class with my lovie, Molly. We love it, but my hoo-ha the day after is on fire.  (Padded seat covers are a freaking MUST) It is also Biceps/Triceps/Shoulder day.
Tuesday: 45 minutes of cardio or HIIT
Wednesday: Chest/Back
Thursday: Cardio/Tabata
Friday: Lower Body
Saturday: Full Body
Each day I'll include a list of exercises that I'm doing, so you can join in on the fun! (side eye) You can do most of the exercises at home if you have some weights. And I don't mean a full gym worth of weights, even if it's a 1 lb dumbbell.  I had a plan created for me and because I'm a single mom (aka Wonder Woman) I can't get to the gym at 5:00 am anymore with a 9 year old, so I wanted something that I could do at home or the gym. 
There you have it! I'm need this Fitness Friday Link up as an accountability as well, so you can see my progress!  Enjoy your Friday loves!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's On....Like Donkey Kong!

3ds Cartoons & Comics animated GIF

I went dress shopping on Sunday with one of my best friends. She is getting married in March of next year and the crazy girl asked me to be in her wedding!  I am beyond excited for her big day, as I love her and her fiance so much! They are my kind of crazy! Anywho, we not only found her dress (she looks absolutely stunning in it!) we also found the bridesmaid dresses.  I love the style and it's comfortable however I look like a Verunca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
willy wonka and the chocolate factory animated GIF
Don't believe me? Here's proof:

The color of the dress will be Kelly Green!
And I the dress was a size 18! Not cool! Now this is her day and I could stand next to her in a tent garbage bag for all I care, but I do NOT want to be a fat bridesmaid!! So I ordered a size smaller, knowing that with that size they can still take it in 2 additional dress sizes which would mean a size 12. I can't even remember the last time I was in a 12. That isn't my final goal by any means, but is definitely a ginormous step in the right direction! Cause let's be real, you see what I've got to work with!
This means that I need to seriously stop f'n around and get my shit together, because 7 months is a long time, but not long enough if I just sit on my ass. I definitely do NOT want to look like the model on right, that girl may be skinny, but she has no definition or tone in her arms. I want to look good with muscles, just not like the Incredible Hulk or Arnold in his Mr. Olympia days.  (But damn, wasn't he just sexy as f back then? YUM)
Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be weighing in on Fridays and hopefully linking up with some other bloggers I stalk love.  I'm putting myself out there and you are going to see the good, the bad and the ugly. I'll bore fill you in with my fitness goals, what I'm eating (hopefully not everything that isn't nailed down) and progress pics.
Get ready loves...we going for a ride!



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Girl is on Fire!

Alicia Keys Girl on Fire TheLavaLizard

Ok, not all of me.  Mainly my lady parts. So last night my girl Molly and I decided to try something new; hell on wheels RPM (spinning). Basically for 45 minutes, you pedal your ass off, praying that you don't fall off the bike. I was thankful there was music, so you couldn't hear me hyperventilating.  Sandra, our awesome instructor guided us through our first session, made us promise that we'd come to 3 classes and then warned us that we'd be sore today. In the lady part region...and she was right. My legs are a bit sore but my lady parts, are sore as shit.  If you decide to take an RPM (spin) class, make sure to get a padded seat cushion.  For real. Bring it to your first class and throw that cover on.  Your vag will thank you later. And sit on some ice when you get home. I wish I had some of those awesome ice packs they give you in the hospital after you give birth. 

                                         The after class selfie:

You can't even begin to see how red I was in this pic. 

 But damn, we look good, especially with our awesome headbands from Fleurty Bands! Jasmine has added a ton new fun designs, go check out her site! They are awesome, and seriously don't move!

I loved this class and being able to hang out with Molly. It definitely helps having a friend with you - for encouragement and to make sure you haven't passed out or fallen from your bike. :) 

What are some new classes or new fitness exercises that you've recently tried?

Alright loves, time for this girl to grab an ice pack!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Success or Failure it's YOUR decision!

I weighed in last night. I'm in a Biggest Loser competition at the moment and this past week was not a good week. Why? Because this girl didn't plan.  We all know the failing to plan is planning to fail. Yep...that was me last week. And that failure to plan = 4 pounds gained last week. &!*%# 
Yeah that face about sums it up. My fault so no excuses. Plain and simple this girl failed. 

No feeling sorry for myself, I need to keep moving forward. I need to remember that my diet is super important, not just because crap food = crap results but because my exercise is limited right now. And that my loves means being diligent about what I'm putting in my mouth! 

It's a new week...back to the grind! 


Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Last Journey!

Hey y'all!

I'm jumping into the blog world! Because I know you are all wondering what this hot mess does on a weekly basis.

The first blog I started following me was Mama Laughlin. Through her blog I found other awesome women who were crazy serious about fitness. Skinny Meg, Nerky Meg.  All of these women are not only hilarious - but fitness to them isn't about being skinny, it's about being strong and healthy.  I was inspired by them.  Then I found Val @ Fab Chick Gets Fit. I stalked read her blog, and followed her on IG. Ever have one of those "a ha" moments.  Yep.  That's how I felt.  Funny as hell, tells it like it is, and is dedicated. Love that girl!

I need the motivation, and want to journal my progress and other fun stuff. (like my inability to stay vertical)  So here I am, ready or not!

Me (on the right) 1992

Time for the "how in the halibut (get ready for lots of movie references people!) did I get here" story? I wasn't always fat - that fun didn't happen until the kids came. I gained 42 pounds with my first pregnancy (I was underweight when I got pregnant with him), and through WW lost it.  Then 8 1/2 years later baby number two came, and while I had gained some weight prior to getting pregnant, it wasn't major.  I gained 30 pounds with her, lost about 20 after. Insert life, a divorce and I slowly crept up to 221! Yep.  I'm 5'4". I seriously looked like a weeble. If you don't know what that is, google that shizz, I'll wait.

Christmas 2011, totally wasn't pregnant here, but I look about 9 months! Minus the fact that you can't even see my eyebrows! For real, a total hot mess, amirite?

The sad part is, is while I was miserable, it was another 2 years before I finally decided I was sick and tired of being tired and fat. I want to set a good example for my daughter, I don't want to see her worry about being "fat" I want her to focus on being healthy and strong!

Welcome to my last journey, the fun I call my life, lots of laughter and blonde moments.