Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey Y'all!

It's been a while since I've lasted posted and I know you've missed me! (side eye) Anyway, I know I promised a post about my online dating experience and that will come this weekend. But first, what I've been up to...

I've been a major slacker with both my eating and working out. But I need to be held accountable, so you're getting the good, bad and ugly.
 I'll start off with my workouts...I completed my second 5k on the 20th with my lovie, Molly. While I didn't run the full race (there was walking, think Walking Dead...that was me) but I didn't need to be carted across the finish line.  And that is a win in my book! (Leah, are you proud I didn't use a segway?)

My time per mile was 15:27, slow as F but whatever, it's something to base my next race off of.  The best part was my back didn't bother me at all, which really made me super happy.  I did have KT tape on my back, which helped.  (Thank you Molly for being brave enough to put it on my lower back before Monday's run. She might have have seen my plumber's crack. #truefriendship) Here are a few selfies (cause that's how we roll) from the event.

Pre Run Selfie #1 Wonder Woman Fleurty Bands!
Selfie # 2 The craziness begins...

Swamp Ass to the extreme! I think I'm surprised I finished the race! 

Much needed glass of wine after the race!

I haven't done too much of anything since then. Tonight I'm planning on running after I get home from work. #singlegirlproblems  I'm also going to need to add weights in tonight.  That's part of my #fleurtysummerchallenge goals, which Imma about to tell you about. Go pee, grab a drink...I'll wait.
Ok, now onto the #fleurtysummerchallenge.  Jasmine Fleurty & Fit  started this challenge last week I didn't take any pictures of my goals, you're just getting the plain Jane version today.
1) NO processed crap
2) NO soda
3) Exercise 5 x week
4) Drink at least 2 top secret water jugs full of vodka  water daily...kidding!(Maybe I'm kidding)
5) Weight training at least twice a week
6) Blog at least 3 times a week. I know it's not fitness related but it helps keep me accountable.
7) Two alcoholic drinks per week.

8) Get below 200 lbs! 

Ok, for the most part this week, I have done really well with not eating crap. And I've felt great! Last week I legit ate pizza 4 days in a row. While I'm not up weight wise, it's definitely not helping the #fatasscause so I've got to learn to say no. No my ass doesn't want that slice (or 2) of pizza.  I could hear my thighs screaming with each bite.

I've been doing fairly well with my water intake and that equals peeing more than a pregnant woman. But I'll take it, especially since there's no labor involved!  And I've not had ANY soda since then so I'm high fiving myself! ;)

I totally went over on the two alcoholic drinks per week, I seriously should have thought better of that goal. Seriously...two? I won't tell you how many I went over by but the glass of wine I had with Molly wasn't the second drink of the week.

Since I've committed to blogging at least 3 times a week and this is my first post of the week - get ready to hear a lot more from me.  (I KNOW that totally made your week, you're welcome!)

Alright, loves...time to get back to the craziness.

It's definitely the latter.