Friday, June 13, 2014

Fitness Friday

I'm linking up with the beautiful Aubrey Leigh this week for Friday Fitness.  2 weeks ago I gave you what I had planned on doing each day during the week. You can read about it here. So how did I do? Truth? I exercised maybe 2 - 3 days per week.  (side eye) My schedule the last 2 weeks has been crazy!
I know, it totally is lame.  I did manage to walk for 30 minutes at lunch 2 days and Molly and I hit the gym this past Wednesday. We did 35 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and did legs. My inner thighs were screaming for the next 2 days, because clearly I haven't been working out consistently. (You can TOTALLY take that how you want, I am single!)  I also managed to get an arm workout in at home, which was great. 
This week wasn't all that fabulous for working out aside from my gym night - my daddy is up from Florida for one of my niece's graduation. And another niece graduated this week too! (yay Mikayla!)

Me and Mikayla! <3

Anyway, I haven't been as consistent as I should be, but that stops today.  Molly and I are changing our Monday night routine from RPM to a gym night due to scheduling conflicts. We also plan to start running together at least once a week. We are going to sign up for a 5K in August.  YAY!!!! I also am going to be doing a Dirty Girl Run in July with my best friend's wife and a few other girl friends! While I'm super excited, it also means I can't continue to put myself last.  (Although the thought of a Segway during a 5k does sound like fun!) No more excuses. In the words of my girl Jasmine, I need to move my ass!
Although, I didn't exercise consistently, I did manage to lose a pound this week, I am amazed! And I'll take it and use that as fuel for the next week!
Alright there you have my lame ass Friday Fitness link up, but I promise to have a better link up next Friday.
Off to see my Daddy...So love having him in town!!! He is my everything!

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  1. Your Friday Fitness isn't lame--it's great! You are lucky to have your girl Molly to work out with--that will help you stay accountable! So excited for your 5K!! I've always wanted to do one of those mud runs!!


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