Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Girl is on Fire!

Alicia Keys Girl on Fire TheLavaLizard

Ok, not all of me.  Mainly my lady parts. So last night my girl Molly and I decided to try something new; hell on wheels RPM (spinning). Basically for 45 minutes, you pedal your ass off, praying that you don't fall off the bike. I was thankful there was music, so you couldn't hear me hyperventilating.  Sandra, our awesome instructor guided us through our first session, made us promise that we'd come to 3 classes and then warned us that we'd be sore today. In the lady part region...and she was right. My legs are a bit sore but my lady parts, are sore as shit.  If you decide to take an RPM (spin) class, make sure to get a padded seat cushion.  For real. Bring it to your first class and throw that cover on.  Your vag will thank you later. And sit on some ice when you get home. I wish I had some of those awesome ice packs they give you in the hospital after you give birth. 

                                         The after class selfie:

You can't even begin to see how red I was in this pic. 

 But damn, we look good, especially with our awesome headbands from Fleurty Bands! Jasmine has added a ton new fun designs, go check out her site! They are awesome, and seriously don't move!

I loved this class and being able to hang out with Molly. It definitely helps having a friend with you - for encouragement and to make sure you haven't passed out or fallen from your bike. :) 

What are some new classes or new fitness exercises that you've recently tried?

Alright loves, time for this girl to grab an ice pack!


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